Our personal protective equipment for welding, flame cutting and related techniques is made of high quality grain leather or HTR crust leather. The HTR (high temperature resistance) treatment stops the leather from shrinking after repeated exposure to heat. This means that the leather garments keep their suppleness. All our protective garments and welding accessories are EN ISO 11611 class 2 and therefore protect welders against metal splashes and higher radiant heat.

 For complete protection against the risks encountered by welders, EDC Protection manufactures accessories to complement the clothing in order to protect the head, face, hands and feet (welding hood, face protection, gloves, gaiters, oversleeves, welding cushion, etc.).

 Customised production in our facility is possible to meet your various requirements. Please note that all of these garments and accessories have been designed for the welding trades, so please consider the risks with us before using them for other purposes.

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