EDC Protection

Since 1989, EDC Protection has been committed to manufacturing products to protect personnel at their workstations. We are attentive to our customers' needs and are at their service to provide advice and devise solutions that correspond to their precise requirements. As we make our own products, we can control production requirements so as to offer you the best equipment. In this way, EDC Protection has become the market leader in France for thermal protection garments. We associate our success with the DMD France Group, our parent company, with which we have great synergy, enabling us to move forward together towards excellence. For a number of years, our business has been focused on exports, and this international position enables us to share our expertise beyond our borders. Check out our history and our unique know-how developed to ensure the protection of professionals in high-risk professions.

EDC Protection is the market leader in France for personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect personnel working in extreme heat conditions.

Founded in 1935 in the heart of a steel region, the company began to specialise in the design and manufacture of PPE in 1989. For more than 30 years, the employees of EDC Protection have shared a common desire: deliver reliable, good-quality protection to professionals working in very demanding environments whilst preserving a French know-how that is recognised worldwide.

By opting for a merger in 2001 with the DMD FRANCE Group, a leading player in the European market for men’s work clothing, EDC Protection has acquired new investment, research, production and logistics capacities. The synergy between the companies within the Group means that we now offer the widest range of products in the field of work and protective clothes.

Since its creation, EDC PROTECTION has continued to develop, operate and innovate to become the emblematic French manufacturer of PPE against thermal risks.

Our activity has gradually turned towards exports, and this international position now puts in a position where we can spread our “Made in France” know-how beyond our borders.

A unique French know-how

EDC Protection offers the most innovative and reliable thermal protection on the French market, incorporating cutting-edge technologies tested and approved in our laboratory.

As a specialist, we have acquired extensive knowledge of thermal risks and are able to offer end-users the solutions best suited to the constraints of their professions.

We control all the stages in-house, from the creation of our PPE by our Design unit to manufacturing done in our own French facility in Noviant-aux-Près (54).




Our offer is based on the different risks to be covered and consequently on the medium selected for the PPE:

  • ALUMINISED GARMENTS: As EDC Protection’s core historic business, aluminised garments offer optimum protection due in particular to the presence of a thin layer of aluminium foil designed to reflect heat away from the wearer.
  • THERMAL PROTECTION GARMENTS: Designed for three specific fields of activity (refractory bricklayers, scarfers and welders), this range uses more flexible materials such as leather, Kevlar® and para-aramid.
  • FIRE-RESISTANT GARMENTS: from the merger with the DMD France Group, this range is an addition to the range offering protection against many environmental risks related to fire and heat.
  • SPECIFIC RISKS: bolstered by our expertise in PPE and thanks to complete proficiency with many textiles, we have expanded our range of PPE products with protective clothing designed for jobs where the environmental constraints are a major factor.
  • HAND, ARM AND TORSO PROTECTION: From Kevlar® to Kermel® to leather or chain mail, our range of gloves is suitable for all environments. Check out a complete range of technical solutions in mitten or three- and five-finger formats.
  • FACE PROTECTION: With a universal bracket or simple headband, EDC Protection also offers a complete range of visors suited to the specific requirements of a range of jobs.


EDC Protection at a glance:
  • n°1 French leader in PPE against thermal risks
  • 1 Production site in France
  • 18 Employees with PPE expertise
  • 50 Exports to over 50 countries
  • 30 Over 30 years of know-how
  • 2001 Merger with the DMD France Group
Our commitments

In the steel industry, foundry, glassworks, fire services, welding and many other activities, our mission is to protect you in your daily work. Our numerous references in personal protective equipment are opportunities to combine safety and efficiency at work.

The requirement and the search for performance

EDC Protection aluminised garments are used in throughout the steel, foundry, glassware, cement and fire services industries, and even by volcanologists. Their role is to protect personnel at work against flames, intense heat and splashes of molten materials of up to 2000°C.

In order to provide protection for personnel subject to identified risks, EDC Protection offers a complete range of Category 2 or 3 PPE that meets the specific protection standards, in particular:

All our PPE, mostly category III, are certified to current CE standards and undergo “article 11a” quality control by a certified laboratory. Similarly, the importance of comfort, flexibility and lightness for users is not overlooked.

French expertise and know-how guarantee quality

All our personal protective equipment is designed and made in France by our design unit. Listening to our customers’ needs and constantly monitoring the latest trends in fabrics and standards are two of our technical team’s greatest strengths.

EDC Protection products are made in France, in our high-tech facility, using the most efficient materials such as carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar®, Twaron®, Nomex®, Kermel®…

Our thorough knowledge of risks means we can design the most suitable protection

EDC Protection has acquired broad and deep understanding of the risks, and delivers its expertise to customers by way of on-site inspections. After analysis, the EDC Protection technician makes a diagnostic and proposes solutions that may be necessary. The EDC Protection technical department adapts or creates the most suitable products for the risks at the place of work.

Each problem encountered is unique, and it is our duty to adapt our response to the end user’s environment. The purpose of our made-to-measure service is to research and design solutions that offer optimum protection.

As well as aluminised PPE, EDC PROTECTION manufactures protective equipment, such as leather items for welders, ATEX or flame-retardant cold garments, Nomex® hoods, insulation blankets, tarpaulins and fire blankets, and an extensive range of mittens and gloves which can be used to hold hot parts up to temperatures of more than 1000°C.

Custom expertise serving industry

Whether for permanent or maintenance work, fire-resistant and/or insulating materials provide effective protection from fire, heat and splashing.

Based on its expertise and control over its production facilities, EDC Protection can meet all of your thermal protection requirements:

  • Fibreglass fire blanket with or without cabinet,
  • flame-retardant fabrics (cotton, Kevlar®, fibreglass, etc.) in rolls, by the metre or cut, made-to-measure,
  • with or without hem,
  • Made-to-measure tarpaulins or curtains with hem, reinforcements and eyelets on demand,
  • Machine covers or enclosures and robot arm pleats,
  • Protection of areas during servicing operations (torch, welding, etc.),
  • Insulating sleeves for electrical wires or compressed air hoses or air supply hoods,
  • Insulating cushions and mattresses made-to-measure for work kneeling or lying down on a hot surface,

And all other requirements according to your plans.

Sustainable development

EDC Protection: Made in France



We have been designing and manufacturing personal protective equipment in France in our Noviant-aux-Prés facility since 1989. A real asset to the company’s economic success, “Made in France” enables us to develop in a sustainable manner whilst respecting our environment and our employees.

Indeed, French manufacturing offers many advantages and is a major factor for us as regards our sustainable development goal. In particular, by manufacturing in France, we minimize our carbon footprint while adjusting our production to the real needs of our customers in order to avoid any form of waste.

More than 30 years after the creation of EDC PROTECTION, we have been able to preserve our French know-how and develop jobs on our territory..



A common CSR approach with the DMD France Group

Since 2001, EDC Protection and the DMD France Group have shared identical ideas and values on the themes of the environment, social and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This same vision on the notion of sustainable development is illustrated by the implementation of a CSR approach common to the different subsidiaries of the Group.

For many years now, the DMD France Group and EDC Protection have been committed to a process of progress and continuous improvement. This approach is reflected in our Group’s ISO 9001 version 2015 certification and also in the existence of a CSR charter. At the same time, the DMD France Group adheres to the United Nations GLOBAL COMPACT and the ECOVADIS values. Indeed, we have obtained the Gold level in 2020 as an EcoVadis CSR recognition and we have made 10 commitments in line with 10 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the Global Compact.