Aluminised garments

In order to ensure optimal protection and meet normative requirements, EDC Protection's aluminised garments and personal protective equipment are manufactured with innovative components in our French facility in Noviant-aux-Prés.A thin layer of aluminium foil to reflect infra-red radiation and therefore reflect radiant heat away from the wearer. It also prevents the adhesion of splashes of molten metal, which roll down the garments and fall onto the ground,

 Secondly, an aluminium foil backing with varying composition and texture offers the possibility of aluminised PPE with varying levels of performance: insulating properties, splash resistance, comfort, etc., An inside lining, in most cases, which provides double thermal insulation with an air cushion created with the aluminised fabric.To design and manufacture aluminised garments that are best suited to the workstations of wearers and the constraints of their jobs, EDC Protection makes its garments and PPE:In various aluminised materials (size and weight),

Cotton lined, cotton/felt lined on the most exposed parts, without lining,

In standard sizes (M to XXXL) and made-to-measure,

In standard lengths (1.10 to 1.60m) and in special lengths on request,

With options (direction and type of fastening, tightening of the wrist, removable collar)...

The choice of aluminised garments is a matter for specialists. At EDC Protection, our business is also to advise you quickly and efficiently as to the most suitable aluminised garment.

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