EDC Protection's scarfer garments are designed and engineered to equip professionals working on scarfing sites. The most exposed side of these garments, made from Proban®-treated flame-retardant satin cotton, is protected by a detachable facing made from aluminised para-aramid provide effective protection against the radiant heat emitted by the scarfing torch. Our personal protective equipment for the scarfer range is made in France in our facility in Noviant-aux-Prés and meets the requirements of the EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 11611 standards. We can implement "made-to-measure" models according to the wearer's constraints, so please do not hesitate to contact us (positioning of the removable aluminised para-aramid garment on one side or the other, on both sides, addition of product characteristics, etc.). The aluminised facings of the scarfer garments are removable for washing cotton garments. These garments are designed for the specific risks faced by scarfers; please consult us before using them for any other purpose.

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