Arm, torso, hand protection

In order to choose the right heat protection glove for the thermal risks involved, it is useful and important to ask yourself three questions:What is the contact temperature? Knowing the temperature of the parts makes it possible to select the glove's material: leather, aramids, fibreglass, chain mail.What is the contact time? The insulation capacity is primarily dependent on the inside lining. EDC Protection offers several materials and lining thicknesses for its thermal protection gloves. Thickness is important for insulation but, the thicker it is, the less space there is for the fingers. Therefore, mittens are more often used for thermal protection.Does the back-of-the-hand have to be protected? During welding operations or when skimming molten material, it is the top of the glove that has to provide the protection from the radiant heat or hot splashes.Don’t hesitate to contact us to determine the most appropriate protection based on these factors. You will also find in these pages all our oversleeves and bib aprons for protecting the arms and torso.

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