fire-fighting equipment with jacket/trousers
Réf. E2050-10*
Made in France
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fire-fighting equipment with jacket/trousers

Réf. E2050-10*

Sizes :

EN 1486 compliant coverall in FIRESHIELD complex consisting of a jacket, trousers, overboots, hood and gloves for interventions in the immediate vicinity of the fire. With or without a back pocket on the hood to cover an SCBA cylinder, with standard overboots or with basic overboots. In total, 4 packs to meet your needs: E2050-101: standard overboots and hood. E2050-102: standard overboots and backpack hood.
E2050-103: basic overboots and standard hood.
E2050-104: basic overboots and backpack hood

  • Aluminised jacket with velcro fastener under flap, snap buttons, fully lined with cotton, flame-retardant treatment and aluminised fleece interlayer.
  • Aluminised trousers with straps, fully lined with cotton, flame-retardant, aluminised fleece interlayer, 20-cm slit with velcro fastener at the bottom of each leg for putting on boots
  • Aluminised hood with a 3-mm clear polycarbonate screen and a 1-mm gold polycarbonate screen
  • Fibreglass helmet integrated into the hood and front of the hood adapted for the use of a respirator with valve on demand.
  • Option: Hood with back pocket (back bag) to cover SCBA cylinder (article n°: E2050-102 and E2050-104)
  • Aluminised overboots with aluminised upper, lined with 100% flame-retardant cotton, multi-layer soles for walking on floors up to 400°C
  • Overboots opened at back, under flap
  • One ankle strap on each overboot
  • Standard overboots for packs E2050-101 and E2050-102 sets.
    Basic overboots for packs E2050-103 and E2050-104
  • Aluminised gloves, inner lining in jersey wool, total length of 40 cm (with aluminised palm or HTR treated crust leather)

Fireshield complex: Aluminised Aramid fabric 300g/m², Carbon felt insulation 320g/m², Aluminised glass fabric 135g/m², cotton and flame-retardant 185g/m²
Fully lined with cotton, flame-retardant for jacket and trousers

  • en 1486en 1486
  • en iso 11612 A1/B1/C4/D0/E0/F2en iso 11612 A1/B1/C4/D0/E0/F2
  • CE markingCE marking