fire fighting equipment
Réf. E2050-12*
Made in France
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fire fighting equipment

Réf. E2050-12*

Sizes :

Protective suit for extended periods of close-proximity work to fire, and for entering a fire for short durations in compliance with EN 1486 with standard overboots (article n° E2050-121) or basic overboots (article n° E2050-123).

  • Protective suit with back pocket for SCBA,
  • Zipper with velcro closure, under flap, from groin to overhead
  • Fully lined in with cotton, flame-retardant
  • Protrusion at chin level for valve if worn with a breathing apparatus
  • Steel fibre helmet with adjustable cap
  • Two curved polycarbonate screens, dimensions 250×150mm: Inside screen, clear, of 3 mm - Outside screen, gold, of 1 mm to reflect radiant heat
  • 100% Kevlar® thread seams
  • Pairs of standard overboots for the E2050-121 pack, and basic overboots for the E2050-123 pack
  • Aluminised overboots with aluminised upper fully lined with cotton, flame-retardant with insulating interlayer between aluminised fabric and lining
  • Multi-layer insulating soles for walking on floors up to 400°C
  • Overboots opened at back, under flap
  • Two ankle straps on each overboot and Kevlar® thread seams
  • Overboots designed to be worn with shoes (one size fits all)
  • Pair of aluminised gloves with Kevlar® thread seams, 40 cm long in one size 10/11.

Fireshield complex: Aluminised Aramid fabric 300 gr/m² - Carbon felt insulation 320 gr/m² - Aluminised glass fabric 135 gr/m² - cotton, Flame-retardant 185 gr/m².
Fully lined with cotton, flame-retardant

  • en iso 11612 A1/B1/C4/D0/E0/F2en iso 11612 A1/B1/C4/D0/E0/F2
  • CE markingCE marking
  • en 1486en 1486