Shot blasting

Born from a real expertise in mechanical blasting techniques, EDC Protection designs and manufactures personal protective equipment to protect professionals practicing the blasting technique.

 The action of projecting micro-beads with a shot-blasting machine onto the surface of objects to modify their surface structure, in order to prepare, maintain or clean them, entails various and varied risks for the operator. Abrasive blast injury resulting in skin and eye damage is one of the hazards resulting from blasting techniques. In order to ensure excellent mechanical resistance and to respond to this type of risk, our garments are designed and implemented with a soft and resistant water-repellent grain leather front. For comfort, the back of the garments is made of a waterproof fabric for better ventilation. The suppleness and lightness of the materials also ensure efficiency and comfort. These garments are designed for the specific risks associated with abrasive blasting. Please consult us before using them for any other purpose.

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