EDC Protection's aluminised garments and accessories for molten aluminium are made from a technical fabric consisting of cotton, F-acrylic and FR flame-retardant viscose. Aluminised + PPE is made from a fabric consisting of cotton, F-acrylic, FR flame-retardant viscose, para-aramid and carbon. Alu and Alu + garments are distinguished not only by the composition of their fabric but also by their level of performance in accordance with the EN 11612 standard on indices D and E. Indeed, Alu + garments offer the maximum performance of 3 for the D (molten aluminium projections) and E (molten metal splash) indices against 2 for Alu garments.This range of personal protective equipment is specifically designed to protect against thermal risks from contact with or splashing of molten aluminium and molten metal. Jackets, trousers, coveralls, caps, oversleeves and hoods are available.

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